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Market Update by Adam

| May 19, 2017

The stock market remains near all-time highs, and there are numerous issues that could potentially cause a sell-off.  Barring a catastrophic event, I don't foresee a major downturn.   However, during times like these, it is important to make sure the risk level in your portfolio is in line with your investment objective and time frame.  If there have been any major changes in your life since your last review, please be in touch with us.  

For some investors, allocating a portion of the portfolio into investment(s) not correlated with the stock market may be appropriate; non-correlated investments (such as real estate) are those whose movements are not historically tied to the stock market. If this is something you feel may be appropriate, please contact Heather ( or 215-874-7147) to schedule a conference call or meeting with me.