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Why Choose Soloff Wealth

Part of what makes our firm personalized is our dedication to Trust, Transparency, and Accountability. These three words drive what we seek to accomplish for our clients on a daily basis.


For our advisory accounts, we do not charge commissions. Clients instead pay an all in fee for investment management, brokerage, and custody services and we will make decisions that are in your best interest - and based on your financial goals and objectives. When it comes to managing your hard-earned wealth, we'll help you every step of the way.


It's important for us to communicate in a clear, straightforward way. Whether it's disclosing all fees associated with your account, providing detailed trade notifications, or taking the time to discuss major economic events with you, we proactively educate clients through open and honest communication.


When we set out to accomplish something, we do it - with integirty and teamwork. We hold ourselves accountable, which gives our clients financial confidence knowing the team that manages their wealth follows through on their word. In turn, when we create your financial plan, we hold you accountable, too. That mutual sense of responsbility is one of the most important ways we help you pursue your goals.

Our mission is to help build and help preserve our clients’ wealth

At Soloff Wealth Management, our mission is to help build and help preserve our clients’ financial security and prosperity through an alliance of comprehensive financial planning and disciplined asset management. To fulfill this mission, we aspire to surpass the highest levels of service and standards of professional ethics and integrity.

We provide professional, independent advice

As an independent firm, Soloff Wealth Management has no obligations to investment product manufacturers and no cross-sell quotas or other home-office directives that may lead to conflicts of interest. We don’t spend our time in meetings or on conference calls with far-off senior management. Our sole focus is serving our clients’ needs. We provide independent financial planning and investment advice based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ unique circumstances and wealth management philosophy. We offer the benefit of experience, education and professional training to help them work towards their personal financial goals.

Our clients’ interests come first

The independent professionals of Soloff Wealth Management strive to put our clients’ interests first. We place a high value on the importance of long-term planning with a focus on minimizing risk and and capital preservation. Discover the value of experience, personal service and objective, independent advice. We’ll do our best to serve our clients.

Independence powered by LPL Financial

Soloff Wealth Management is backed by LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer*. LPL Financial provides a comprehensive array of tools and resources to more than 14,000 independent financial advisors, enabling them to provide objective financial guidance to their clients. The firm has no proprietary products.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2018.