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Investment Philosophy

"My father is a retired public school teacher; he receives lifetime income from his pension.  Many people are not as fortunate, therefore a large part of my job is to create retirement income streams for our clients."

                                                  -Adam Soloff

The guiding mantra of our investment philosophy is Lifetime Investing: we believe our client’s investment portfolios should be managed to last as long as their lives.  As a CFP® and published author, Adam's role begins with education.  He helps our clients understand various categories of investments.  We discuss the pros and cons of each, and work toward developing the appropriate investment strategy for every client.

Asset Allocation: A way to diversify your investments to match your time frame, risk tolerance, and investment objectives. 

Patience: Investment management is a long term, ongoing process. Results are measured over years, not months. When disruptive economic and market events occur, we can be found with our clients sharing perspective, historical reference, encouragement, and opportunities. We work with clients to foster an attitude of calmness and fortitude.

Discipline: We believe your portfolio should be managed to the beat of your personal financial plan, not the market. We also strive to foster an investor spirit within our clients and love it when our clients begin thinking like investors!

At Soloff Wealth Management, Adam serves as director of the Investment Management. Adam is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Practitioner, and he used the resources of a broad variety of Certified Financial Analysts employed by various research firms, some of which include JP Morgan, Blackrock, MorningStar and LPL Financial.

He uses these analysts to:

  • Constantly monitor current factors and trends that are impacting the markets
  • Understand the vital details of the ever-changing fundamental, valuation and technical inputs to the different sectors and asset classes
  • Evaluate consolidated views from hundreds of portfolio managers we recommend and monitor
  • Utilize sophisticated data and analysis tools to help make solid decisions

The majority of our clients fall between the ages of 50 and 65—therefore retired or set to retire in the next 5 to 10 years. At this stage in their lives, many require a conservative investment portfolio. Income-focused portfolios focus on the goal of maximizing returns while managing risk, but also aim towards a secondary goal of generating above-average income. Depending on market conditions and prevailing opportunities, all or some of the following elements may be included to help work towards higher income:

  • Greater allocation of fixed-income securities
  • Focus on dividend paying stocks
  • Bias toward large capitalization stocks
  • Inclusion of non-traditional assets
  • REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
  • Use of fixed annuities with fixed guaranteed income payouts

For risk management, we typically utilize mutual funds for accounts less than $1,000,000. Account greater than $1,000,000 may hold individual stocks and bonds.

In summary, our investment allocation process aligns our clients’ unique investment goals with their customized portfolio. Our investment process includes:

  • Portfolio constructions, selecting investment theme(s)
  • Choosing your investment strategist(s) and investment vehicle(s)
  • Ongoing account monitoring
  • Regular rebalancing to the target allocation for the model portfolio
  • Tax planning