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Financial Planning


WealthVision is designed to consolidate all of your accounts, assets and information into one secure location, making your personal financial life easier.

In your personal financial homepage, you can view everything about your financial and estate plan in one place.

All of your information is password-protected in a secure, encrypted personal web address, easily accessible only to you and your financial team. Every night, the system automatically updates your balances to reflect the values provided by your financial institutions. Your updated assets are integrated into various reports so that you can monitor their progress in reference to your overall financial objectives.

Powerful analysis engines allow WealthVision to track changes in your assets, and changes in your life, against your overall asset allocation. This tracking capability includes retirement and cash-flow models, insurance programs and the financial aid estate plans that you initially put in place.


Copies of your private documents, such as wills, trusts and tax returns, deeds to real estate, insurance policies and beneficiary designations can be uploaded to a secure online depository, safely encrusted but instantly available anywhere an internet connection is available. Your top holdings are listed on your Home Page, easily accessible, along with your frequent flier miles and reward programs.


You can monitor the price fluctuations of your securities throughout the day by clicking on the Security Watch List. The latest financial news is also provided with snapshots of funds and stocks, market summary information and the market indices.

You can even collaborate with multiple advisors from different locations at the same time. Your financial advisor can give your other trusted advisers, such as lawyers and accountants, access to designated areas of your Personal Financial Home page, if you desire. This interactive, collaborative approach focuses the team on your financial future.

This system automatically alerts your financial advisor if it detects a problem or an opportunity, like your asset allocation being out of balance or a significant change in your account values. You and your advisors will always be aware of your financial status, no matter where you are.