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We work closely with our later-in-life client's and their other professionals (accountants and attorneys) to ensure the smooth and orderly distribution of our clients’ legacy goals and wishes.

Over the next several decades, there will be a tremendous transfer of wealth from our oldest generation to their families, children, grandchildren, and charities.

Here are some common issues we help our later-in-life clients explore:

  • Are all of your beneficiaries listed properly?
  • Are your legal documents in order and accurate - wills, health care directives, powers of attorney?
  • Should you consider a trust?
  • Can your beneficiaries stretch distributions throughout their lifetime(s), or will they be taxable immediately?

We welcome the opportunity to help you navigate the emotional process of legacy planning. We will collaborate with you, your family and loved ones, your charities, and your other professionals to make appropriate legacy decisions early and from a position of strength.

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