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Are you retired, or contemplating retirement?

Here are some common questions we hear:

  • Can I retire?
  • Should I retire?
  • When should I take Social Security?
  • What pension option should I choose?
  • How much travel can I do in retirement?
  • Will my money last through the retirement years?
  • Will I have sufficient resources to endow my children, grandchildren, and charities?
  • How should my IRA's, 401k's, 403b's, and other assets be positioned to see me and my loved ones through my golden years?
  • What should I do about life insurance, health insurance, and long term care insurance?
  • How do I incorporate RMDs (Required Mandatory Distributions) into my retirement income plan?

At Soloff Wealth, we help you answer these questions and more. We take great pride in stewarding our clients through the retirement decision making process.

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